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Faculty FAQ

How to Obtain Faculty Status

Certification Courses

Faculty Status is first earned by completing four Certification courses. You can view all available Certification courses here. These courses are marked by a badge icon just like the one shown here.

Current Event Certifications

You can also earn Current Event Certifications by completing any four non-Certificate courses. All of these courses can be viewed here. These courses do not have a badge icon like the one above. In summary, 4 non-Certificate courses equals 1 Certificate course.

Maintaining Faculty Status

Faculty Status is current for two years. To keep your Faculty status you must:

  1. Complete a new Certificate course (or four new non-Certificate courses) within two years. Doing so pushes your expiration date out another two years.
  2. Maintain your WELCOA Membership.


Email reminders are sent out ahead of your Faculty expiration date according to the following schedule:

  • 6 months out
  • 3 months out
  • 1 month out
  • 1 week out

Notification alerts also appear on the WELCOA Institute when you log in.

Expired Faculty Status

If your Faculty status expires, you can re-earn Faculty status by completing four new Certificate courses on the WELCOA Institute.