By taking courses through the Institute you can earn WELCOA Certifications and WELCOA Faculty-Level Status.

Welcome to the WELCOA Institute of Wellness Studies

The world of health promotion is changing rapidly. Do you have the skills needed to be a successful leader in your organization and industry? The WELCOA Institute curriculum was designed by leading experts in the field to teach you the competencies necessary to build world class results-oriented wellness programs. Graduates will be able to implement cutting edge strategies for setting themselves and their programs apart.

The Three Ingredients to Make a "Best Place to Work"

Using Wellness to Drive Employee Engagement

Creating a Wellness Culture from the Inside Out

Wellness Champions Program Management

Competence from the Inside-Out

Wellness Champions Bootcamp

Training Employees to Flip the Stress Switch

Emotional Brain Training (EBT)

How to Eat Right and Weigh Less for a Lifetime

Eat Right Reboot

Communicating and Marketing Wellness Programs with Passion

A Brave New World

Pursuing Purpose in Your Careers, Business and Leadership

Finding Your Forte

10 Steps to Building a Workplace Wellness Initiative That Actually Works

Workplace Wellness That Works Lab

Using Perceived Reality to Change Objective Reality

Elevating Consciousness in the Workplace

How to Build Effective, Life-long Leadership Skills

The Prodigy Method of Leadership Development

A Systems Thinking Approach to Better Understand Health and Wellbeing

Shared Values for Positive Organizational Health

Applying Positive Psychology to Improve Health

Mind Over Matter

Transforming Your Musculoskeletal Well-Being by Working Smart & Living Well

WorkSmart Ergonomics

Inspiring Wellness Through Supportive Cultures

P4: People, Place, Purpose & Performance

10 Steps to Infuse Well-Being & Vitality Into Any Organization

Workplace Wellness That Works

The Fundamentals of Evaluating and Demonstrating Wellness Program Value

Wellness Program Evaluation Best Practices

A Surprising Solution to Improve Health

Achieving Purposeful Health Promotion

Broadening Your Approach to Wellness Program Evaluation

The Total Value of Your Wellness Investment

How to Find Balance with Stress & Digital Toxicity

Encouraging Employees to Power Down

The Six Step Model to Help You Put Stress Management FIRST Instead of LAST

Stress Prevention in Six Steps

Six Steps to a More Resilient Workplace

Changing Your Stress Mindset

Finding Your Path to Health & Well-Being

The Road to Wellness

Principles of Building Healthier Work Cultures

The Culture Code

Effective Health Coaching to Improve Employee Health

Health Coaching Fundamentals

Seven Proven Strategies to Inspire Movement for Your Employees' Families

Fitness That Works: Creating a Fit Family

How To Build A Compliance-Optimized Wellness Program For Your Organization

Designing a Legally Compliant Wellness Program

Preventing Insomnia & Ways to Improve the Quality of Sleep

The Importance of Sleep

A Science-Based Story About Creating Sustainable Behavior Change

Rebranding Health as Well-Being

Principles to Foster Long-Term Engagement That Results in Behavior Change

Demystifying Engagement

A Common Cents Approach to Managing Personal Finances

Financial Well-Being at the Workplace

Helping Your Employees Become Healthier, Happier and More Productive

Walking 4 Wellness

Leveraging Evaluation Best Practices to Achieve Better Outcomes

Wellness Program Evaluation 101

Five Steps To Great Worksite Wellness Provider Relationships

Selecting the Right Wellness Vendor

How To Improve Health Beyond Your Employees

Expanding Your Horizons: Spouses & Dependents

How to Effectively Lead Your Worksite Wellness Initiative

Leadership Essentials

The Art & Science of Building a Results-Oriented Wellness Program

WELCOA’s Seven Benchmarks: Advanced

The Art & Science Of Building A Results-Oriented Wellness Program

WELCOA’s Seven Benchmarks: Beginner